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Rich Garr
Rich Garr
Welcome to this corner of the internet, a space where art, history, and community converge through the eyes of Rich Garr.

As the founder and primary voice behind this blog, I’ve been weaving these elements together from the very start, inspired by my journey as an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. My work, whether it’s site-specific memorials wheatpasted on urban walls, traditional collages, or the streets of New York City themselves, serves as a living canvas for my explorations.

My artistic career began with roles as a teaching artist at esteemed institutions like the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. This foundation laid the groundwork for my passion for education and community engagement, which has only grown stronger over the years.

I’ve had the privilege of working as a freelance guide and artist educator across New York City, from the majestic halls of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to the historic grounds of the Lefferts Historic House and the industrious Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Walking, in its simplest form, became an integral part of my art. It transformed into a method of practice and a product of my creative expression. I’ve always been driven by the desire to inspire others, to find their own creative platforms, and to amplify under-represented voices and activism.

Our blog reflects this journey, from the early days to the present. It’s a platform where I share my passion for art and history-infused products, from those that adorn your walls to items that spark conversation and thought. Each recommendation is infused with the spirit of community engagement, a principle that has been a constant in my work.
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